Tomorrow’s Business Never Stops! applied for  Westpac’s “The Business of Tomorrow.”  program.

Westpac will be recognising companies that are capable of developing Australia’s tomorrow with the goal to help these companies unleash their full potential. The program willingly provides these businesses with full support, rewards and media recognition.

Our Privileges is proud to be one of the 200 companies who has been accepted to receive this award and will have the following opportunities:

1.)  National media Recognition after the Summit in April 2017.

2.) Participate and Attend to the Business of Tomorrow’s annual summit in Sydney. An opportunity to Meet-and-Greet with other awardees of the Program. A privilege to listen to the inspirational speech from inspiring speakers and the chance to get a sneak-peak into the future of companies.

3.) The opportunity to have Access to desired LinkedIn online business programs, Admittance to the Business of Tomorrow’s Online Network and Use of the Business of Tomorrow Logo.

The qualification process was very challenging and was successful, impressing all highly qualified people conducting the selection process, those of which included Westpac Representatives and independent experts of Deloitte. joined the program with the belief and commitment to make a difference and contribute to shaping the future of Australia by providing our clients with our Web App tool, powered by

Convenience through easy building planning checks that can help save time with Integrated Planning, R-codes and Local planning schemes are one benefit offered.

Better lead generation through analytics, save money with fewer developmental costs, hassle free, and a reduction in time-wasting.

The primary goal of this program is to help the selected companies to grow and develop – we are proud to be part of it and look forward to using the knowledge and recognition provided to expand the company even further.