did it again!

Founder and CEO, Chris Dorian together with the Team, is proud to announce that our company is one of the nine recipients of the SPURonWA grant program among the 47 entrepreneurs and innovators who joined the project.

Winners including, Instatruck, Landguide, PropoertySMS, Community Insight Australia, MoneyCatcha, Clark Data Solutions, Global Smart Cities and Western Aerial Mapping, were qualified based on their inherent capabilities and innovations that were able to meet the standard objectives of SPUR.  

These goals include helping the government and industry in reducing operation costings, assisting the government to improve on how they deliver their services more effectively that can benefit the community or industry and to help local businesses grow, develop and become successful to be able to contribute widely to Western Australia’s Economic status., a start-up company, is so excited to be working with Spur powered by Landgate in this project.  We are looking forward to helping more clients simplify the approval process through Integrated checks using what-if analysis to see if your structure fits and then integrated Planning checks.  Using our Web Application tool to get Building planning Checks so quick and easy.  The Grants will help us develop our commercialise our App , so we will be able to help the government through this process that will also benefit our economic achievements.

Lee one of the Engineers at our partner Dorian Engineering Consultants was there to receive the award.

You can read more about it on the WA Business news website.