It is a great pride for to be accepted as the first residential startup partner of SPUR which supports new application that uses government data or technology. SPUR has given access to government data which can get access to the wide-range location through Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) and Open Data Portal.

Builder’s E-Commerce by is a white labelled e-commerce industry that brands our Web Application Tool from to your company’s name and logo. We help builder’s from initial contact with the lead through to a  Preparation Plan Agreement (PPA) provided by residential builders to their clients which include general investigation, check site conditions, prepare any particular structural engineering details,  make detailed drawings and specifications.

New Offering Builder’s E-Commerce Launched at SPUR briefing

Chris Dorian, CEO, and Founder visited SPUR and presented his vision of BuildingApprovals new Product “Builder’s E-Commerce” to simplify and speed up Building License submission. To offer customers with better, faster and more reliable service that will carry out his mission to become the one-stop shop for all building planning applications throughout Australia that will offer more accurate and standardised results on building plans. Chris Dorian believe’s in the Value of Honesty, Reliability, and Ingenuity that makes a Trusted company.  

The traditional way processes your building certification could take too long. Time duration may take three months. Imagine how fast it will be to get your buildings approved with the new system can offer.  It will shorten the process from three months to a week.  You can easily get the job done with speed, accuracy, reliability and more satisfied clients.

SPUR paved the way for where they allowed our Company use their desks in Midland once every fortnight and enabled us to work with their experts to make sure we can get all the help we needed to push through our product along. Chris Dorian is futurist and always has his finger on the pulse of what is available to that could make production easier.  His Brilliance and Innovation, Goals and Vision towards the future has brought BuildingApprovals to Collaborate with SPUR which provided us with the windows of opportunity to build relationships through connecting with other groups of people and the e-commerce industry.  SPUR has provided BuildingApprovals with a gateway through accelerating our ideas that privileged our Application Tool as part of the E-Commerce industry now and towards the future.