BuildingApprovals: The Next Evolution in Builder E-Commerce Simplicity A White Label solution that performs all the planning checks for your building business – with seamless integration onto your own website.

A small glimpse of what we can do 

Automated E-Commerce Solution – Now Available for Your Building Business  

  • Our App, Your Site – Easy Building Planning Checks for Your Customers 
  • Save Money with Fewer Development Costs 
  • Get More Time with Integrated Planning, R-Codes & DAPs* 
  • Better Lead Generation with High Impact Analytics

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The Best in Approvals – Now Available for Your Business 


BuildingApprovals is your solution for getting your building e-commerce needs met quickly and conveniently. 

As a builder, you require an e-commerce solution to take your business onto the Internet. Our high performance app takes care of everything you need to commission a Preparation of Plans Agreement to get started. That way, you'll get all the information that is essential for an accurate estimate to your customers without having to wait for the cumbersome approval process from council.

Our White Label solution allows you to seamlessly integrate our app’s design and planning software within your business. Using our app, your company's website (with your branding and logo) can drop building plans onto a GIS and position it exactly where it will be built. From there, you can give your customers the knowledge they need to close the deal faster than ever before. 


No matter what type of building options you offer for your business, BuildingApprovals can help: 


  • New Homes 
  • Granny Flats 
  • Swimming Pools 
  • Even more to come

A Wealth of Benefits for Your Business

As a builder, you’re looking for the cutting edge advantage that helps secure more leads and improve your conversion rates. When you connect your business to our app, you’re already a step ahead of your competition. 


  • Cost Savings by Using Our Tool

We’ve taken care of all the hassles you would typically experience by adding this type of functionality to your site yourself. Connecting to BuildingApprovals means you don’t have to spend the money developing, testing or supporting this component. Saving more money is always a good thing for a builder. 


  • Significantly Reduce Wasted Time

No more need for site measures or drafters to check if a design will fit. Using BuildingApprovals alongside a CRM system, you can automate the remarketing and email follow-up campaigns.


  • Less Hassle with Planning & E-Commerce Tools

Don’t let the approval process slow you down! Our app also checks Western Australia R-Codes, confirms DAP* guidelines, and commissions a Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA) for submission to Council. All of this provides you with exactly what you need to give your clients a more accurate quote once a building has been approved. 

  • More Customers with Improved Lead Generation & Retention

Remove the guesswork from sales and only pursue viable leads. Target your customers right where they are thanks to an expansive set of analytics built directly into the BuildingApprovals functionality. 


Your Site, Your Branding – Your Way 

As a builder, your customers need to trust your business 100%. From initial interest to design consultation, planning, and construction – you have to be their ally.  


BuildingApprovals understands this type of relationship. That’s why our app can be fully deployed on your site with your logo and branding on it. 


You can keep your brand name and presentation fully connected to the app. Your customers will only know it comes directly from you. This gives them the confidence to choose your business, and it makes it easy for you to get even better results in customer retention and satisfaction.


How BuildingApprovals Works for You


BuildingApprovals makes it easy to maximise the performance and function of your site – giving your customers the results they need. Here’s what you’ll get when you partner with us: 


  • Straightforward Integration Onto Your Site 

Our White Label integration takes the guesswork out of your job. Simply link your site to our app, and it will seamlessly connect. That way, your customers will see the service as a direct component of your site. 


  • Support & Service to Save You Time & Money 

When you’re with us, there’s no need to spend large amounts of time and money on development and administration costs. We’ll handle the nuts-and-bolts so you can focus on what’s important: your customers. 


  • All the Analytics You’ll Ever Need 

Our expansive set of analytics tools gives you the insight into your clients that you need. Leads login to the BuildingApprovals app using a social media or email address. That means an even better understanding of your leads to close more deals.  

Our dashboard gives you two distinct areas of data analysis related to sales: an overview as well as a lead-specific analysis. You can assess site visitors, product popularity, login numbers, and more. This type of data will help you refine your sales funnel – and drill down your strategy to better connect with all your leads.


Getting Through the Approval Red Tape

As most builders know, making it through the approval process can often become a complex, confusing and downright frustrating chore for builders. This holds especially true in Western Australia where specific circumstances can delay your process for even longer. 

BuildingApprovals helps you to make the approval process a little bit easier. You can drop your CAD plans onto aerial imagery and position the building the way you want. After that, you can assess all the building restrictions you’ll face with your design. 

Planning restrictions include specific R-Codes depending on the location. Additionally, Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs)* and Detailed Area Plans (DAPs*) for newer subdivisions can also be assessed to ensure that your plans meet those specific standards. 

The app allows you to also commission a Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA) to get all your drawings and plans ready for council submission. From an e-commerce standpoint, this will give you a baseline estimate to provide to your customers even faster.  

All of these components help make it easier for you to get through all the approval steps. That means a more satisfied customer – and a much better experience for you.


Limited Slots Available – Reserve Your Spot Today!


As you can see, BuildingApprovals gives you everything you need to take your website to even greater heights. We’re rolling out the first round of onboarding right now. But this sign up process is only available for a limited time!

If you’re ready to make your building business even better, sign up for BuildingApprovals now. We’ll show you just how much better your business can become – both for you and your customers.

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